Why the weather?

Spring, you keep teasing me.

The temperature dips and climbs

Like a square dance … over and under.

I should smile and enjoy the round

But my tentative moods follow too closely.

Must my spirit be so weather-informed

That I simply follow without standing firm?

Feet, touch the earth deeply. I connect.

Crown, reach to the sky expansively. I connect.

As a conductor of peace and strength, love and empowerment

I open my heart, cautiously, lovingly.

My spirit flows freely.

My heart sings. I smile. My energy lifts.

Now, I am joy!

by Marie Knapp

author of The Path To A More Inspiring Future

The Path to a More Inspiring Future

It probably was conceived early in midlife as I opened my eyes and ears to a much broader perspective than the loving protected life I had so far lived. It seemed the learning curve was exciting, at times overwhelming, very informative, life expanding and unending. It was a long gestation with several episodes of writing articles, and newsletters, which later developed into workshops and retreats. The book inside me wanted to be published at the right time.

This spring, 2021, I became aware of the struggling that was occurring not just within me but in the hearts and souls of many. The pandemic was going on far longer than any had imagined and some people talked about wanting a return to normal and the way things were. But not everyone. The isolation had given many more time to ponder life. They had a different perspective of what was really important and wanted something better in the future — something more inspiring.

And so the book was born. It is an uplifting book, not denying the reality of the future but rather helping people rise out of the down periods and into something that helped them know they can make a difference. Gandhi taught us that we must be the change we want to see in the world. The book begins with inner strengthening followed by ways to reach out to others in compassion and truthfulness. The final chapter offers suggested ways to take action steps to making a difference while encouraging people to express their uniqueness and follow their passion toward their vision of a positive future.

I have started a new website https://moreinspiringfuture.com I would be delighted to have you go there, scroll to the bottom and subscribe to receive inspiring messages and short articles in your inbox. You will also see the three articles I have already written.

I also have opened a new Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/moreinspiringfuture. Please check it out, like it and follow the page. I appreciate your interest in this site. I expect I will continue with this site for a while. At least until I am sure the new website is well established.

Thank you for your continued interest in what I offer to you.

Till next time,


Happy fall

Not officially fall but when I look at the sky and smell the air, and feel the coolish breeze on my face … well fall is on its way. It won’t be long.

I have not been sending out blogs lately for a very important reason I have been focusing my writing time and energy on a book I have been writing.

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The Path To A More Inspiring Future. I am very excited about sharing the book with you. My intention is that it will be hopeful and uplifting for the readers. It is currently in the hands of my valuable editor. After I make the necessary changes, the book will go for printing. And it will also become an eBook.

This is just a short message for now. I will keep you posted, telling you a bit more about the book and where you will be able to get it. Meanwhile I will share a poem that I have written in the book

The present nudges me forward.

I begin in the now.

Within my being

my true self resides,

sometimes hiding behind the cloak of fear.

I look to hope, honesty, and acceptance

to shine its light on my path.

Wishing you a happy September.

Till next time,



Hello everyone,
We haven’t connected in a while. How are you.
It would be great to hear an update from everyone.

I have been attending a very inspiring Zoom gathering led by LanceSecretan. Usually5 or 6 of us having an interesting discussion all related in some way to inspirational leadership. Actually Lance has a YouTube Channel. He selects a question posed by people who subscribe to the site. Each video response is less than two minutes. I suggest you have a look, and listen to at least two or three of them. If it interests you, please subscribe.

I think of leadership less as a role and more as a quality that inspires others. Anyone can be a leader: students, parents, volunteers, employees. You do not have to be a CEO to be a good leader. I woll write more on this another time.

I hope you will listen to what Lance shares.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the link.

Just Listen To Me

“Listen to me!”, shout the inner voices of

the unhappy child, the indigenous woman, the lonely teenager,

the elderly person locked in a place that

was to be safe but now is in breakout mode.

“Listen to me!” shout the trees in the forest as the logger marks them red

Or the developer thrashes with determined effort to

Create a monster home for those who already have enough.

Listening with open heart creates a path

For compassion, understanding, love.

Listening, one of the main acts of loving,

Simply listen to a person you care about at home or at work. First sit calmly. Envision yourself in a place of peace, ready to open your heart to the other person who just wants to be heard. Notice the right time to begin with an open ended question. Perhaps you might say “How did school go today?”  or “What worried you at work today?” or maybe “What can I bring to you that will brighten your day?” or “You look tired. Is there anything I can do to help? What do you need most?” or make your own question that does not seek a yes or no response.

And then just listen. Any further questions are without judgement but also open ended? Perhaps “How did you feel about that?” or How did that affect things?” or even “Tell me more about that.” This kind of listening can help the person with workplace burnout, parenting, marriage conflicts, and more.

You do not have to fix anything when the person is not asking to be fixed. Refrain from giving an opinion. You can reflect their question back to them. If you have listened long and you feel the person is looking for an answer,  then you might say something like “Is there anything you would like me to do?” or “How can I help you?”

Imagine a world where people listen openly and non-judgmentally on a regular basis. The world would become a better place.  A more peaceful, productive, happier place.

Be brave. You can do this.  I welcome your response.



It was about twenty years ago when Lance Secretan asked me if I would write the poems for his latest project, Spirit@Work cards. I was honoured and to be honest it took courage on my part to make it happen. It was published in 2002!   Today I picked the word Courage.  So appropriate for the world we are facing.

I have been recently learning about the personal fears that hold me back from being my authentic self.  Concurrently I am reading the book The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. The fears are not big things but they are ego based and the effects within me are significant. The poem I wrote twenty years ago has new meaning for me.  I would like to share it with you because I have a feeling that others will find meaning in the words too.  Your comments are appreciated.

Let me speak truthfully and with integrity,

Modeling courage for those I serve.

Help me unpeel the layers of fear

That keep my courage hidden,

Sometimes disguised as strength in its coolness and distancing.

Help me gently replace fearful thoughts

With love – loving perceptions and caring interpretations.

Let me be lovingly vulnerable, connecting more deeply in truth,

Let me lead courageously

Let me serve courageously.

Let me be courageous.

by Marie Knapp

Another Year Begins

In the past I have written several articles related to the power of our thoughts and working with intentions. Given the circumstances we are all living with in this pandemic crisis, I would like to share some of those articles with you again. In this first week in January, perhaps a good topic to begin with is “Intentions”. The following article applies as well today as when I originally wrote it.


Did you know that even the healthiest and highest functioning people sometimes feel less confident, and sometimes want to quit everything.  But they don’t linger there and let those thoughts fester. That’s why I want to share how to work with intentions.  I want to give you some means to build your stamina and wellbeing. 

You are more vulnerable given what you have been through recently. This means that you have to pay more attention to making new and constructive thoughts that represent what is achievable for you today.  I call these ideas intentions.  They are a bit like goals and a lot like affirmations.

Sometimes committing to intentions forever just seems impossible.  So step one is to say an intention just for today.  This makes it more achievable even though you will likely set the same intention for tomorrow.

It is important to word the intention in the present tense. It is strengthened by starting it with “I am”.  And of course they should only be positive in their meaning.  For example “I am not going to get angry” is a negative statement.  And so is “I am less stressed”.  Instead you might say “I am calm.”  “I notice when I start to feel angry”  “I see things from a variety of perspectives.”

You can create intentions about a healthy lifestyle.  For example “I am making healthy food choices today” And “I am walking outside for at least 15 minutes”.

Intentions may also be feelings and qualities.  You may wish to say something like “I am calm and confident” and “I am a capable person”.  Or “I am a good person.”

Sometimes our intentions need to be modified to make them believable.  For example you might say “I am feeling more confident today” or “I am learning about healthy eating today”

You may need some help forming your intentions especially at first.  Say them frequently; write them on a note and leave them where you can see them like the dashboard, or your wallet or purse or your bathroom mirror. 

Review your intentions every week as you may wish to strengthen them or modify them to suit your progress.  Say your intentions first thing in the morning and later in the day as needed.  Let them help you build your wellbeing.

I hope you find this meaningful. My experience with intentions has helped me recognize that it is in actually feeling the intention within your whole self that makes it much more effective. Embody the intention. feel it within you. Be it.  

Perhaps this serves as a reminder for you. Intentions are not new. But today is a new day. Take time and live you intention for today.

What is you experience with intentions today? How do you notice the change within you?

Marie Knapp


Simplify your life

Occasionally I “pick a card” from a deck of inspiring cards to give me something to consider or notice in my day. The other day I picked a card inviting me to simplify my life. How timely! I have been contemplating the significance of simplifying both in its action and the potential results. It seems I have more time than usual to work on this. What does it mean to simplify?

To unclutter? To reduce in volume or in tasks or in thoughts and mind chatter? or in decision making? or?? Maybe it means I could stop taking responsibility for others and let go of any need to fix other people’s lives. Maybe it means I could let go of old stuff, meaning regrets and angers and unsolved problems when the problem is now gone. Simplifying may not be easy. Must it be this complicated? Perhaps it means to just stop and take a quiet breath and just be.

How are you interpreting it? This could be an interesting project for this long quiet lonely winter. Your comments are welcome.

Till next time,