Why The Same Path

How many times have you asked yourself that question?  Why do I always seem to get myself in the same track, following the same old path that gets me to the same old place?

I have certainly asked myself that question several times over the many years of my life.  In fact just recently I found myself  searching for ways I could share what I have learned and was looking at what I used to do with workshops and retreats.  But I am older now and decided to take a new path. I have heard others, friends, colleagues, students, participants in workshops and retreats, those I mentor, express the same sense of doing what they have always done and wanting something different.. 

Following the same path is not unusual. We have been doing it so often that the neuropathways in our brain are well worn.  Just like when we are hiking or cycling or cross country skiing we tend to follow the same path most travelled unless we deliberately and consciously attempt to shift our focus, to hold tight as we move off the usual trail and onto to one that may or may not be used at all.  Something more adventurous perhaps.

We know that our body follows what we are looking at.  If we want to avoid something we have to shift our gaze away from what we want to avoid and toward where we want to go.  It may take a lot of concentration to get the cycle wheel out of the rut and onto a new path.  It may take learning new skills to lift one ski over to a new direction or to bushwhack through unfamiliar territory with a compass.  We may fall.  Sometimes in falling it helps us get away from the rutted trail and onto the new path we aim for.

This is not at all unlike the life paths we take.  It takes a conscious and determined effort to take a new direction and find the road less travelled.  I know that “if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got”.  Be courageous.  If you are looking for a different outcome shift your focus. Learn the skills you need.  You may fall in the process.  Notice new perspectives evident in the falling.   

Do you have a story you would like to share about the paths you have taken and maybe shifted?  Do you have any questions?  You can send me a private message at marieknapp206@gmail.com or respond on FaceBook or LinkedIn if you see this message there.  

Till next time,


Marie Knapp is a woman of curiosity and spiritual inquisitiveness. Her life experience as wife and mother coupled with her professional roles has given her insights into working with many of life’s challenges. She is a retired Nurse Educator and College Administrator, Reiki Master, Doctor of Education (Adults), Author of The Path To A More Inspiring Future, and Mentor of many. She sees her life purpose as inspiring others who can then inspire others. She learns incessantly and shares what she learns so others may gain from the opportunities she has had.