The Path to a More Inspiring Future

It probably was conceived early in midlife as I opened my eyes and ears to a much broader perspective than the loving protected life I had so far lived. It seemed the learning curve was exciting, at times overwhelming, very informative, life expanding and unending. It was a long gestation with several episodes of writing articles, and newsletters, which later developed into workshops and retreats. The book inside me wanted to be published at the right time.

This spring, 2021, I became aware of the struggling that was occurring not just within me but in the hearts and souls of many. The pandemic was going on far longer than any had imagined and some people talked about wanting a return to normal and the way things were. But not everyone. The isolation had given many more time to ponder life. They had a different perspective of what was really important and wanted something better in the future — something more inspiring.

And so the book was born. It is an uplifting book, not denying the reality of the future but rather helping people rise out of the down periods and into something that helped them know they can make a difference. Gandhi taught us that we must be the change we want to see in the world. The book begins with inner strengthening followed by ways to reach out to others in compassion and truthfulness. The final chapter offers suggested ways to take action steps to making a difference while encouraging people to express their uniqueness and follow their passion toward their vision of a positive future.

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