Hello everyone,
We haven’t connected in a while. How are you.
It would be great to hear an update from everyone.

I have been attending a very inspiring Zoom gathering led by LanceSecretan. Usually5 or 6 of us having an interesting discussion all related in some way to inspirational leadership. Actually Lance has a YouTube Channel. He selects a question posed by people who subscribe to the site. Each video response is less than two minutes. I suggest you have a look, and listen to at least two or three of them. If it interests you, please subscribe.

I think of leadership less as a role and more as a quality that inspires others. Anyone can be a leader: students, parents, volunteers, employees. You do not have to be a CEO to be a good leader. I woll write more on this another time.

I hope you will listen to what Lance shares.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the link.