Happy summer

I love the warmth of summer days, the fragrances of peonies permeating the air as I wander around the garden admiring nature. The magic of life is so evident as I witness the growth of each plant, shrub, tree.

When I stop for a moment and take in the magnitude of the creative energy around me I am in awe. I breathe it all in and feel the wonder of nature.

My sense of being a part of it is almost astounding to my consciousness. I experience vibrant stillness throughout all of me. So calming. So uplifting. So awe full.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Happy summer

  1. Well said, Marie ! I too have strong emotions in nature. This morning on my railtrail walk I felt so thankful and joyful that my emotions welled up and I actually had a few tears. Tears of happiness, thankfulness, oneness with nature.


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