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Occasionally I “pick a card” from a deck of inspiring cards to give me something to consider or notice in my day. The other day I picked a card inviting me to simplify my life. How timely! I have been contemplating the significance of simplifying both in its action and the potential results. It seems I have more time than usual to work on this. What does it mean to simplify?

To unclutter? To reduce in volume or in tasks or in thoughts and mind chatter? or in decision making? or?? Maybe it means I could stop taking responsibility for others and let go of any need to fix other people’s lives. Maybe it means I could let go of old stuff, meaning regrets and angers and unsolved problems when the problem is now gone. Simplifying may not be easy. Must it be this complicated? Perhaps it means to just stop and take a quiet breath and just be.

How are you interpreting it? This could be an interesting project for this long quiet lonely winter. Your comments are welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Simplify your life

  1. Dear Marie,

    To simplify could be all of the above.

    As I am thinking about what I have just read.

    It probably changes depending on where you are in your life.

    Maybe it will be best to focus on being quiet and true to yourself?

    I find that at times difficult.

    Love, Riejanne.

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  2. A part of simplifying life, for me, is to reflect on the things that feel burdensome to me and question if they are still serving me. If not, are they serving someone else who needs them? If not…I explore whether I can let them go…how does it feel? Often it feels good and away it goes…
    Without the reflection, I might have hung on to them forever, just because I have always done them…trapped in a loop of stress, of my own making.


    • That makes so much sense Susan. We all carry around stuff we no longer need. Sounds like reflection is very important for you. Me too. Most of the time Meditating turns into reflection for me. Some things are much more easier said than done.


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