Thoughtful Perspectives

Perhaps everything that needs to be said has already been said. At least for now. Once again the urge to stay connected but to simplify life has crept into my desire to maintain a presence of some kind in the world.

I retired my business. This time I am not trying to sell anything, or urge you, the reader, to participate in anything in particular.  I simply wish to stay connected with people who are contemplating life. For me it has become a time of reflection — maybe due to the Covid restrictions we need to adhere to, or maybe it is my age, or it could be that there are so many grave issues in the world that reflection often feels like all I can do to live it through, to stay or get inspired.

I would love to get some dialogue going.  Perhaps people will comment and respond.   Let’s not force anything but just see what unfolds.  Let’s connect.

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Perspectives

  1. Thanks for the connection. as a caregiver at home for the past 2 years, I sometimes feel I’ve lost connections. Time seems to get gobbled up with no creativity. There’s my whine for the day. Onward with a smile.


    • That sounds very lonely, Dee. Not a whine when it is your reality. Maybe we can stay connected virtually and see if that helps a bit.
      I am sure the pandemic is making it worse.
      Stay well.


  2. Thank you Marie for starting this dialogue. I’ll look for to participating with others towards generating, maintaining, discovering ways to sooth and grow in resilience.
    At the beginning of the pandemic,In a group message ,my cousin wrote “these are challenging times but generations before have lived through challenging times and have found their way . We come from hardy folk and we’ll find our way too.” It fortifies me to remember this.


    • Beautiful words dear friend. While this is very different from how we have lived so far, we know deep within us that we have the resilience to handle it. At the same time we can feel disappointment, aloneness, and more. Yes, let’s share ways to sooth and grow in resilience


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