Imagine an Inspiring Future

Every time I listen to the news or read the headlines I am nudged to move my thoughts to something more inspiring.  As you probably have read in my book, I believe we must live the life we want to see as the future for the planet and humanity.  It seems that we can only bring about what we can actually visualize and we may need to help each other with this.  Let’s make this a good place to start.  I would like us to share the qualities we would see in a future that is inspiring for all.  The images we can create are limitless.  Our vision needs to be uplifting and caring.  So what does that look like.  Can you picture a story that would fit this image?  For example you might visualize a community pot luck gathering where all are welcome.  All ages, all orientations and cultures, all levels of education and wealth or lack of them.  Everyone is mingling and mixing and helping each other as needed.  Perhaps this is an image for Canada Day or Independence Day for the US. 

Your visualization can be anything that you would love to see in your future that contributes to the future of humanity and the planet. Perhaps it is a headline you would read, or a new business you would see or a family gathering. As we read the different images and visualize them, we are contributing to their fruition. I am really really looking forward to reading them.  

Your response can be posted on the Facebook page for more inspiring future or send it to me through messenger or and I will post it anonymously for you if you prefer . 

Marie Knapp is woman of curiosity and spiritual inquisitiveness, a wife of 54 years and mother for 52 years, a (retired) Nurse Educator and College Administrator, a Reiki Master, Doctor of Education (Adults), Author of The Path To A More Inspiring Future, and Mentor of many. Her life experience as wife and mother coupled with her professional roles has given her insights into working with many of life’s challenges. She sees her life purpose as inspiring others who inspire others. She learns incessantly and shares what she learns so others may gain from her opportunities.

Happy fall

Not officially fall but when I look at the sky and smell the air, and feel the coolish breeze on my face … well fall is on its way. It won’t be long.

I have not been sending out blogs lately for a very important reason I have been focusing my writing time and energy on a book I have been writing.

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The Path To A More Inspiring Future. I am very excited about sharing the book with you. My intention is that it will be hopeful and uplifting for the readers. It is currently in the hands of my valuable editor. After I make the necessary changes, the book will go for printing. And it will also become an eBook.

This is just a short message for now. I will keep you posted, telling you a bit more about the book and where you will be able to get it. Meanwhile I will share a poem that I have written in the book

The present nudges me forward.

I begin in the now.

Within my being

my true self resides,

sometimes hiding behind the cloak of fear.

I look to hope, honesty, and acceptance

to shine its light on my path.

Wishing you a happy September.

Till next time,


Love, Inclusiveness and Helping Others

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

I decided to share this reflection I wrote a few year ago on Nov 11, 2016.  It just seems pertinent today.  I made a few revisions to make it more applicable. Revised Dec 16, 2020.

This year, 2020 is a year that may be looked back on as historical for whatever reason.  A year that reminds us of the divisiveness existing in the world, not just in the USA and other free nations like Britain.  But is it possible that what we have seen in these great nations is democracy’s version of what “Arab Spring” was about in Egypt and the middle East? Is this a time when we need reflect on our soulful values, our “purpose under heaven” and live those values more openly and fully.  Today let us reflect on the lives lost in their fight against the Corona virus.  May such a pandemic not be the answer to the diverse values that seem to exist.  May we find the commonality in those values and build on them for good health and world peace.

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

The music of Leonard Cohen shares his sadness with us and brings me to a place of realizing how we need to acknowledge our sadness and our disappointment.  For me it gives me, in gradually growing stages, the inner strength to use the feelings of loss of something I had hoped for or someone I have loved.  I invite you to join me in resolving to identify our values for love, inclusiveness, and helping others.  I invite you in what ever way serves you best to courageously bring those values into your daily life at home and at work, in relationships and in parenting.

May you find peace and a constructive message to move forward with love and peaceful action.  May we all communicate our truth lovingly and honestly.  Peace be with us all.