Recharge and Revitalize

I am very excited about a new program I am offering on line called Recharge and Revitalize. It is my passion to help people feel inspired, even when they are feeling disengaged, unheard, without a focus or direction. But also those who are already living their purpose but feel there is still something missing.   I sense a lot of that around in today’s world. I can help. That is why I wrote the book “The Path To A more Inspiring Future” and why I am creating “Recharge and Revitalize”. This course is designed as a journey to help you live your life on purpose, find your inner strength and build resilience to handle future challenges. It will be up to you.

I was intrigued by this picture of me within the root system of this large tree in Seville, Spain. Sometimes we already have all we need but it feels like a maze. Something like this tree.

During the program I will draw from my book. It will be enhanced

>by my experiences from workshops and retreats I led following my doctoral research on making life more meaningful,

>from my work with Lance Secretan

>from other books I have read,

>from knowledgeable people I have met who have focused their work on living on purpose with spirit in the workplace and

>from what I have learned from nature.

The class will run once a week on a Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:30 for about 8 weeks EST (Toronto time), on Zoom. Start date is October 5th.

  • If someone asks you where are you going in life do you answer “I don’t know.” 
  • The world has changed and it will continue to do so.  Does that concern you?
  • Are you burning out?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are bush whacking in the forest without a compass?
  • Do you feel that life is OK but something is missing?

If any of those statements reflect your view of yourself, this course might be for you. It will help you find your direction, the one that is most meaningful for you. It will offer you an opportunity to uncover and reignite your passion, feel empowered, strong and compassionate. The answers are within you and this course will help you find them.

Cost of the course is $275CAD. But there are discounts. Are you really interested in the program but you just don’t have the money? I can possibly offer you a discounted price depending on your circumstances. Contact me

Until I get a registration option on my website, my preference is to be paid by electronic transfer. When you register and pay, I will send you a pdf of my book for your use through this journey we take together.

email at

Till next time,

Marie Knapp

Marie Knapp is woman of curiosity and spiritual inquisitiveness, a wife of 54 years and mother for 52 years, a (retired) Nurse Educator and College Administrator, a Reiki Master, Doctor of Education (Adults), Author of The Path To A More Inspiring Future, and Mentor of many. Her life experience as wife and mother coupled with her professional roles has given her insights into working with many of life’s challenges. She sees her life purpose as inspiring others who inspire others with a ripple effect. She learns incessantly and shares what she learns so others may gain from her opportunities.

For more information about me, go to “about Marie” on my website.